The great family of
farmers and producers of

agave distillates

invites you to toast with us.
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Times of reflection

The main purpose of #ConexionAgave is to invite the entire national and international market to consume our products

And to sensitize the consumer community of comiteco, sotol, raicilla, bacanora, tequila and mezcal in the world to enjoy what we offer. And to raise our glass and drink the elixir of the sap of this magical plant called "agave", which connects with the earth, its people and lifts our spirits.

We are living


of change, of new challenges and reflection.

The family of the agave distillates has developed this solidary initiative called #ConexionAgave.

Times of new challenges

That, with the union and efforts will be aimed at making artisanal and traditional mexican distillates and support its chain of production made by people around the industry and form up the new "Agave Fam", always with the best attitude and the purpose of preserving our cultural heritage.

Agave Fam

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